Seresto represents a major advance in the development of ectoparasiticides. The unique polymer matrix of Seresto provides dose adjusted release of two proven active ingredients: imidacloprid, a very potent insecticide, and flumethrin, a highly effective acaricide. Research into the efficacy of this combination has demonstrated that these two active ingredients work synergistically to significantly increase their efficacyagainst fleas. Laboratory trials confirm that the combination of imidacloprid and flumethrin is 100 times more effective against fleas than imidacloprid alone. Thanks to its innovative polymer matrix composition, the migration of active ingredients from the Seresto collar matrix to the surface adjusts depending on the concentrations of active ingredients within the lipid layer on the pet´s skin. This ensures a steady, low-dose release profile, providing optimal protection for up to eight months. In Europe and New Zealand Seresto is already available on the market since 2012.

What is Seresto?

Seresto is an effective, reliable alternative to monthly flea and tick topicals that lasts for 8 months. Seresto is a flea and tick collar for dogs and cats that uses exciting, innovative technology to release the active ingredients in controlled doses over an extended period of time. This means effective long-term flea and tick control without the inconvenience of monthly applications. Seresto protects your pet from fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and ticks for eight months. It is available in three formulation, small dogs, large dogs, and cats. It is non-greasy and odorless.

How it works:

The flea and tick collar releases the two active ingredients in low doses over an extended period of time. The ingredients are then absorbed through the fatty layer of your pet's skin and distributed throughout your pet's body to protect against fleas and ticks for eight months. Seresto can be worn alongside your pet's regular collar.

No matter if you have a cat or a dog, the collars come with a rachet release mechanism that releases when your pet is under pressure, which enables your pet to free himself or herself. It also has a pre-determined breaking point if your pet's head and neck get trapped, which allows your pet's strength to break the collar and get out of a sticky situation.


The collar should not be used on puppies younger than seven weeks old or on kittens younger than ten weeks old. If ticks are present on your pet when the collar is applied, they will not die within the first forty-eight hours and should be removed manually. If your dog or cat shows any sign of skin irritation or other reaction to the collar, remove immediately and consult your veterinarian.

Used Seresto For:
Dogs (7 weeks of age or older)
Cats (10 weeks of age or older)


• Begins working immediately after the collar is applied
• Provides effective flea and tick control for eight months
• Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
• Prevents ticks infestations within 48 hours after application
• Water-resistant and will continue to work even if wet or dirty
• Odor-free compared to older-generation flea and tick collars
• Safety release mechanism prevents strangulation if the collar becomes caught
  or tangled
• Safe if chewed on by your dog or cat

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  2. My dog is too big for the large collar, how do I get a collar to fit and extra extra large dog?

    1. seresto come in a standard length which is adjusted to fit the neck of the dog by removing or adding link to the collar.The detail information.u cn refer above.thanks